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Increase In Fraudulent Motor Insurance Claims

In March 2019, Cifas announced that there had been a significant increase in fraudulent motor insurance claims here in the UK over a 12 month period. Cifas is a fraud prevention organisation that has many members who provide it with … Continue reading

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Don’t Break The Law By Fronting

On average, young, inexperienced motorists tend to be charged most for their car insurance. Therefore, some may be tempted to try to reduce the cost of their cover by whatever means is possible. However, it is just not worth doing … Continue reading

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High Percentage Of Young Motorists Prepared To Be Dishonest When Arranging Car Insurance

You are no doubt aware that it is the young, inexperienced motorist who usually ends up paying more for their car insurance than the mature, experienced driver. That is because an older driver of say 50 with many years experience … Continue reading

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Who Really Is The Main Driver?

Apparently, there are a lot of parents of student children that have arranged car insurance with either the mother or father being stated on the policy as the main driver and the young adult as a named driver yet it … Continue reading

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Parents Be Warned

Do you know what the term to ‘front’ a car insurance policy means? It is where you claim to be the main driver of a car on a car insurance policy when it may actually be a much younger person … Continue reading

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