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Loyal Customers May Benefit At Renewal

There are an awful lot of motorists who do not bother to shop around for their car insurance when they receive their annual car insurance renewal notice who, if they had done so, may have found that they could have … Continue reading

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Black Box Car Insurance – Who Is It For?

Black box car insurance, also known as telematics insurance, has been around for a number of years. So, who can apply for such cover? Well, it was originally introduced with a view to making the cost of car insurance more … Continue reading

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Moving Home May Affect Your Car Insurance Premiums

There are various factors that impact how much your motor insurance provider will charge you for your cover such as your age, driving experience, make and model of car, how many miles you drive every year and the level of … Continue reading

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The Car Insurance Companies That Are Fastest At Sorting Out Claims

When you are looking into which company to arrange your car insurance with what sort of things do you take into account? For many people it is possibly getting the level of cover you require at the lowest premium you … Continue reading

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