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Tailgating Ranks First As Most Annoying Driving Habit, Study Shows

A study conducted by YouGov surveyed some 2500 drivers to find out the most annoying driving practices by UK drivers. The study found that tailgating, a dangerous behaviour of suddenly braking in traffic, has been ranked as the most irking … Continue reading

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Car Insurance Policyholders Better Protected Against Uninsured Drivers, Study Shows

A recent survey conducted by Defaqto, a financial research enterprise, revealed that a driver’s no claims discount is currently better protected when compared to the situation back in 2009. Due to comprehensive car insurance policies, drivers are now much better … Continue reading

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Keeping Your Car Insurance Policies Validated

Car Insurance policies in UK are becoming trickier by the day. As a reputed car insurance comparison site warns, changing circumstances with respect to the terms of one’s car insurance policy, if not reported, could render the policy invalid. In … Continue reading

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Brothers jailed for car insurance scam

Two brothers, Rezwan Javed, 34 and his older brother, Rehan Javed, 36, were jailed after being involved in the biggest insurance scam in Britain. Police say that the duo made £995,915 from defrauding insurers. For this, they were sentenced to … Continue reading

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A Bad Time To Be A Young Motorist

The recent hike in car insurance has become a source of concern for all motorists, especially the young ones, as for the first time ever, the total cost of getting car insurance amounts to almost £4,500. After taking into consideration … Continue reading

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Government Plans New Measures To Combat Car Insurance Hikes

Of late, UK’s car insurance sector seems to be going through a flurry of changes. After the 40% hikes in premium rates, along with studies claiming that a third of motorists were uninsured in Britain, the Government finally looks set … Continue reading

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A Third Of UK Motorists Without Insurance, Study Reveals

In the midst of rising inflation and consequent insurance hikes, it has been reported that about one third of motorists in UK drive without insurance. A study by the Motor Insurer’s Bureau revealed the unflattering figures along with the hotspots … Continue reading

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OFT Raises Hackles Over Rising Car Insurance Rates

UK’s consumer watchdog, the Office of Fair Trading (OFT), looks all set to launch a vendetta against the private motor insurance market. The statutory body announced on Thursday that it would be looking into the reasons behind the hikes on … Continue reading

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Inflation Hikes Don’t Bode Well For Car Insurance: ONS

Recent inflation booms in the UK will reflect poorly on car insurance, a study by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) points out. The ONS recently revealed survey figures that paint a sorry picture for people looking to avail cheap … Continue reading

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