Keeping Your Car Insurance Policies Validated

Car Insurance policies in UK are becoming trickier by the day. As a reputed car insurance comparison site warns, changing circumstances with respect to the terms of one’s car insurance policy, if not reported, could render the policy invalid. In crude terms, any change in one’s situation during the term of his/her car insurance policy should be reported, failing which, the person may not be able to receive the much-deserved payout in the event of a claim.

The ‘changes’ are not only restricted to vehicle modifications; issues like changing residence, marital status, or even arbitrary aspects like the parking area of your vehicle could force you to suffer a no-go with your insurance company. Some companies even ask drivers what use the vehicle will be put to. If the designated use of the vehicle is for social and commuting reasons, one cannot use it for work without either reporting the change, or risking invalidity.

Most people who have availed of car insurance policies are blissfully unaware of these stipulations, so it comes as a nasty shock when they discover that their policies have been unknowingly invalidated. This usually means that, in case of a collision, they end up shelling out the entire damages from their own pocket. An insurance company refusing to bail you out due to the aforementioned reasons could also hamper your chances of getting paid in the future. So, it’s best to notify your car insurance company of every minor detail so as to stay on the straight and narrow.

Another factor for changing car insurance circumstances is what you have under the hood. Car modifications are highly popular in the UK, but it should be noted that they will only make it harder for you to get hold of cheap car insurance. So, it’s best if you notify your service provider before you get the modification done. Some of the modifications that are required for notification are Alloy Wheels, Non-Standard Lights, Non-Standard Stereo, changes to Upholstery, Pain Jobs, Decals and Graphics etc.

On a closing note, it literally pays to keep your car insurance provider up-to-speed with what’s the latest beneath your bonnet and around it. The last thing you want in the present scenario of shooting premium prices is invalidity due to oversight. Exercise constant vigilance on ensuring that when the push comes to shove, you can rightfully declare claims for damages.



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