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Why Take Out Third Party Fire And Theft Car Insurance?

You will no doubt be aware that there are three levels of car insurance available here in the UK. They are – third party, fully comprehensive and third party fire and theft. Let’s have a look at the later one … Continue reading

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Does Getting Caught Speeding Affect Premiums?

There are many thousands of people caught speeding here in the UK every year either by permanent speed cameras located on the roadside on various types of roads or by mobile speed cameras located in tailor-made vans parked on the … Continue reading

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Why Insure Your Car?

This is an interesting question that we are often asked so let us do our best to answer it to your satisfaction. The first thing to say is that, here in the UK, it is a legal requirement that if … Continue reading

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Is It All About The Price?

When it comes to looking for car insurance, the first thing a lot of people think about is the price. They may ask themselves: “Where can I get the cheapest car insurance?” Well, that may sound fine but, surely, is … Continue reading

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