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Many Motorists Feel Speed Cameras Are A Money Making Machine

Everybody has a view about speed cameras. Some feel that they serve a very good purpose by policing the speed that motorists drive through our cities, towns and villages and, ultimately, save lives. Some believe that they have merely been … Continue reading

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Benefits Claimant Banned For Driving Without Car Insurance

A benefits claimant has been banned for driving for three years having been caught driving five un-insured cars in the space of seven months. He admitted to a number of offences and Magistrates would have preferred to have sent him … Continue reading

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Not Enough Of You Shop Around For Car Insurance At Renewal

You would have thought that in the current economic climate, here in the UK, you would be keen to either contain or reduce your household expenditure at every opportunity. Recent research from the price comparison website into car insurance … Continue reading

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The Benefits of Third Party, Fire and Theft Car Insurance

We know that the financial climate in the United Kingdom is not satisfactory for millions of people. Having paid the mortgage or rent, put food on the table and paid the utility bills one of the next things to make … Continue reading

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