Benefits Claimant Banned For Driving Without Car Insurance

A benefits claimant has been banned for driving for three years having been caught driving five un-insured cars in the space of seven months. He admitted to a number of offences and Magistrates would have preferred to have sent him to prison but they did not have the power to do so.

Peter Owens, age 43, from Hartlepool was the owner of five 4×4 vehicles that he admitted he enjoyed driving as he was rather a big chap.

The first time that the police caught him driving a car without any car insurance was in May 2012 in County Durham when he was driving a Jeep Cherokee. In July 2012, whilst in Kilburn, North Yorkshire, he was driving an un-insured Mitsubishi Shogun and was caught by police but not before speeding away.

In August 2012, Mr Owens was stopped in a Land Rover Discovery at Hartlepool Marina and, following a check by the police, he was found not to have car insurance. In November 2012, whilst poaching, he was caught driving a Suzuki Vitara without any car insurance covering the vehicle. The following week, he was caught in Hartlepool without car insurance whilst driving a Ford Maverick

Peter Owens has admitted his guilt to all five offences of driving these cars without any car insurance. He also admitted to not providing his driving license, to not having a driving license, to poaching and not producing any car insurance documents. He received a fine of £550 and was banned from driving for three years.

Although he was not able to be sentenced to a period in prison, it should be noted that, if he were to be found driving whilst disqualified, he could face a prison sentence.

Apparently, Mr Owens regretted his actions.

Let us hope that when he is once again in a position to legally drive vehicles that he makes sure that he arranges suitable car insurance before doing so. His car insurance premiums will no doubt be quite sizeable.

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