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Motor Insurers Collect Nearly £14 Billion

According to Deloitte that is a business advisory firm, premiums collected by motor insurance companies in the UK from policyholders came to a total of £13.9 billion in 2015. This was an increase of £0.7 billion (5%) when compared with … Continue reading

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Can Convicted Drivers Get Cover?

There are some motorists who have unfortunately ended up in court and been found guilty of an offence resulting in a criminal conviction. The guilty conviction could be in connection with being at the wheel of a car or it … Continue reading

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Don’t Jump Red Lights

Almost every time that you make a journey in your car you will come to a set of traffic lights. If the lights are on red you, like most motorists, will no doubt come to a halt. Well, according to … Continue reading

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Will Automated Cars Be Cheaper To Insure?

Some cars are becoming more automated as far as driving them are concerned such as having automated braking systems and a system to do with lane assistance. However, is it likely that vehicles that are going to be fully automated … Continue reading

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Why Do Some Motorists Drive Uninsured?

Churchill Insurance has recently carried out some research into the reasons why some motorists choose not to have car insurance in place when they are legally obliged to do so and it makes for interesting reading. Apparently, 25 ex-traffic police … Continue reading

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