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Suspect Whiplash Claims Putting Pressure On NHS

We have discussed the impact of fraudulent whiplash claims on car insurance premiums in the past but, unfortunately, the problem does not appear to be going away based on research carried out by LV=. We are sure that you will … Continue reading

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GPs Most Likely To Claim On Their Car Insurance

If you were asked in which occupation was someone most likely to claim on their car insurance policy in the event of an accident would you have thought that it was General Practitioners (GPs)? There is a distinct possibility that … Continue reading

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Survey Reveals More People Concerned With Car Insurance Premium Rises

According to a survey carried out by Auto Trader in December 2014, of the 1,000 people taking part, 56% were concerned about increasing car insurance premiums whereas only 51% of those agreeing to participate in the survey were concerned about … Continue reading

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Young Drivers Car Insurance Premiums Still High

In the past, we have made reference to how expensive it is for some young drivers to sort out car insurance at an affordable premium. For some, the cost of such cover can exceed the monthly repayments on a car … Continue reading

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