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Possible Ways To Get Cheaper Motor Insurance

Although there has been a reduction in the cost of some people insuring their cars in recent months, anything that can be done to lower this expense has got to be welcomed especially as motorists have been faced with an … Continue reading

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The Benefit Of Dashboard Cameras

Nobody likes to be involved in a road traffic accident as they can result in injury or even death to one or more people never mind causing damage to vehicles and other property. Should you be unfortunate enough to be … Continue reading

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Suspect Whiplash Claims Putting Pressure On NHS

We have discussed the impact of fraudulent whiplash claims on car insurance premiums in the past but, unfortunately, the problem does not appear to be going away based on research carried out by LV=. We are sure that you will … Continue reading

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Survey Reveals More People Concerned With Car Insurance Premium Rises

According to a survey carried out by Auto Trader in December 2014, of the 1,000 people taking part, 56% were concerned about increasing car insurance premiums whereas only 51% of those agreeing to participate in the survey were concerned about … Continue reading

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Young Drivers Car Insurance Premiums Still High

In the past, we have made reference to how expensive it is for some young drivers to sort out car insurance at an affordable premium. For some, the cost of such cover can exceed the monthly repayments on a car … Continue reading

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“MyLicense” Launched

Insurance fraud costs the honest motorist dearly. It is estimated that it adds in the region of £50 a year to our car insurance premiums. Well, a new scheme designed to prevent motorists from taking out car insurance without declaring … Continue reading

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When Did You Last Review Your Car Insurance Premiums?

Unfortunately, not enough people review their car insurance premiums to see if they can get a better deal elsewhere. That may be because they cannot be bothered or don’t feel that they will be able to get cheaper car insurance … Continue reading

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What Affects Your Car Insurance Premiums

There are numerous factors that affect how much you pay for your car insurance and below are some of them: – Type of Policy Whether you choose fully comprehensive, third party fire and theft or third party cover will affect … Continue reading

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