Large Percentage Of Premiums Increase At Renewal has recently published its quarterly car insurance price index report and it is rather disturbing to read that 62% of motorists stated that when their motor insurance policies came up for renewal the premium had gone up. In fact, … Continue reading

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When Are You Most Likely To Be In A Road Traffic Accident?

Some interesting research has been undertaken by Admiral, provider of many types of insurance including motor insurance, into when road traffic accidents take place here in the UK. We thought that we would share some of the data with you. … Continue reading

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Cost Of Car Insurance Premiums Drop

Motorists have been going through a difficult time financially over the last couple of years. Not only have we seen the cost of insuring cars go up but there have also been some increases seen in fuel prices on forecourts. … Continue reading

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Possible Ways To Get Cheaper Motor Insurance

Although there has been a reduction in the cost of some people insuring their cars in recent months, anything that can be done to lower this expense has got to be welcomed especially as motorists have been faced with an … Continue reading

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Why Do Young Drivers Have Car Accidents?

Co-op Insurance has recently released some interesting data relating to such things as why, when and where young drivers have road traffic accidents. We thought you might find it of interest to read about some of these statistics. It is … Continue reading

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63% Use Comparison Websites To Choose Car Insurance Policy

Readers may be interested to hear that, according to the comparison website, 63% of people taking part in a survey conducted by them actually used the services of a comparison site to decide which company to use to arrange … Continue reading

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Volume Of New Motor Insurance Complaints Increases Slightly

The Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) deals with complaints from consumers about a variety of financial products one of which is motor insurance. The FOS has recently produced its annual review that makes for interesting reading. Apparently, in the year 2017/ … Continue reading

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Loyal Customers May Benefit At Renewal

There are an awful lot of motorists who do not bother to shop around for their car insurance when they receive their annual car insurance renewal notice who, if they had done so, may have found that they could have … Continue reading

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Black Box Car Insurance – Who Is It For?

Black box car insurance, also known as telematics insurance, has been around for a number of years. So, who can apply for such cover? Well, it was originally introduced with a view to making the cost of car insurance more … Continue reading

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Moving Home May Affect Your Car Insurance Premiums

There are various factors that impact how much your motor insurance provider will charge you for your cover such as your age, driving experience, make and model of car, how many miles you drive every year and the level of … Continue reading

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