Why Do Some Banks Offer Car Insurance?

It is quite possible that if you have called into your local high street bank where you maintain your current account to conduct some form of business such as applying for a personal loan, a member of staff will offer … Continue reading

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Vehicle Theft Claim Payouts Rise

Readers will no doubt be both interested and concerned to read that, according to the Association of British Insurers (ABI), the amount paid out by motor insurers in respect of claims for the theft of or from vehicles has increased … Continue reading

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Should It Be Illegal For Insurers To Charge Existing Policyholders More For Car Insurance?

Research by the price comparison website has revealed that 50% of motorists are of the opinion that the law should be changed so that if an insurance company charges more for providing cover for an existing policyholder than for … Continue reading

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Men Paying More For Car Insurance

You may be aware that back in December 2012 the EU Gender Directive came into force as a result of which motor insurance companies as well as other insurers were no longer able to charge men more for their car … Continue reading

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Which Is The Cheapest Region For Car Insurance?

There are many factors that impact upon how much car insurance providers charge for covering your car such as the make and model of vehicle, your age and driving experience, how many miles you drive each year, what you do … Continue reading

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Which Companies Are The Worst For Processing Claims?

When arranging car insurance, a lot of motorists probably see their priority as arranging the cover for as low a premium as possible. However, surely it is also important how a company deals with a claim. After all, you will … Continue reading

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Small Fall In Car Insurance Premiums

Motorists will be pleased to read that there has been a small fall in the amount being paid for car insurance in the first quarter of 2019 according to the car insurance price index that is produced with the … Continue reading

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What Is The Profession Most Likely To Get A Conviction For Speeding?

It is no secret that if you are caught speeding then you will, as a minimum, be fined and get penalty points on your driving license. You will need to inform your motor insurance provider and they may increase how … Continue reading

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Are These The Top 3 Car Insurers In The UK?

The price comparison website has recently undertaken some research into how good car insurance providers are here in the UK as far as customer satisfaction goes. A number of factors were taken into account when conducting the survey amongst … Continue reading

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Rise In Fraudulent Motor Insurance Claims

According to Cifas, a fraud prevention membership organization, data provided by its many members has revealed that there has been a very large increase in the number of fraudulent motor insurance claims. Potentially, this is something that could play a … Continue reading

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