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What Is The Profession Most Likely To Get A Conviction For Speeding?

It is no secret that if you are caught speeding then you will, as a minimum, be fined and get penalty points on your driving license. You will need to inform your motor insurance provider and they may increase how … Continue reading

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How Age Affects The Cost Of Motor Insurance

It will not come as a surprise to most of you to read that there are an awful lot of factors that impact upon how much you are charged for insuring your car. For instance, the make and model of … Continue reading

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Is It Worth Opting For A High Voluntary Excess?

When you arrange car insurance there are a number of decisions you need to make that will affect how much you will pay for your cover. For instance, you will need to decide what level of cover, if there will … Continue reading

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“Potholing” Your Windscreen Is Illegal

It is quite likely that not many of you will be aware what the above refers to so let us explain as it does potentially have some connection with motor insurance. At this time of year, there are no doubt … Continue reading

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Does It Matter Whom You Insure Your Car With?

As a motorist, you are probably aware that there are dozens of insurance companies that provide car insurance. So, does itreally matter which insurer you choose to insure your vehicle with? The answer is a most definite “Yes” but what … Continue reading

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Passing A Bikeability Test May Eventually Reduce Your Premiums

The Government has recently announced that it has published a 2 year action plan with a view to improving the safety of road users who are considered vulnerable. This may, in due course, be of benefit to those of you … Continue reading

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Small Rise In Car Insurance Premiums

For some months now we have been pleased to report that there has been a steady fall in motor insurance premiums so it is disappointing to read that, according to the Confused.com car insurance price index, there has been a … Continue reading

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Car Insurance Premiums Fall By An Average Of Over 9% In A Year

With what would appear to be ever increasing prices for fuel on forecourts here in the UK, the motorist really does need some good news. Well, you may be interested to read that some recent research has revealed that the … Continue reading

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Cost Of Car Insurance Premiums Drop

Motorists have been going through a difficult time financially over the last couple of years. Not only have we seen the cost of insuring cars go up but there have also been some increases seen in fuel prices on forecourts. … Continue reading

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Speeding Is Significant Contributor To Deaths In Road Traffic Accidents

We all know that we should not break the speed limit whilst driving whether we are travelling through a built up area, on a country road or on the motorway. The penalty for being caught exceeding the speed limit varies … Continue reading

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