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Car Insurance Fees – What is Your View?

We have previously praised car insurance companies for reducing the average cost of their insurance policies in the last few months with this, no doubt, being welcomed by motorists. However, an area of costing that is often overlooked are some … Continue reading

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Why Does A Car’s Make And Model Impact On Insurance Costs?

As you may well know there are various factors that affect the premium you pay for your car insurance. For instance, your age and driving experience have a significant impact on premiums. Where you live – as you may reside … Continue reading

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The Benefits Of Car Security Devices

You may have spent a considerable sum when purchasing your car so no doubt you would want to protect it in whatever way is possible against it being stolen. It is fine having the highest level of car insurance which … Continue reading

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What Are Your Views On Graduated Licensing?

Firstly, we had better briefly explain the term “graduated licensing” to you as many people are probably not aware of what it means. It refers to someone that has just passed their test being restricted in their driving activities for … Continue reading

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Driving Without Car Insurance

There are no doubt a number of people on our roads that are driving their cars without car insurance for a variety of reasons. This could be because the direct debit for their car insurance premium has been returned unpaid … Continue reading

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