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Results Of Survey About Driving In Wintry Conditions Concerning

Here in the UK, freezing conditions are encountered on occasions resulting in ice and snow on our roads that make it more dangerous to drive. An interesting survey has recently been produced on behalf of Direct Line that, amongst other … Continue reading

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Six Ways To Possibly Lower Your Premium

The cost of car insurance has been increasing in recent months. You may have noticed this when you received your renewal notice in the post. So, how can you possibly reduce your premiums or at very least contain them? Below … Continue reading

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Don’t Drive With Defective Brakes

Did you know that if you drive your car with a defective braking system it could have huge implications on your car insurance? Let us explain! Obviously, there are many dangers if you were to get behind the wheel of … Continue reading

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Don’t Drive Without Insurance

You are no doubt aware that it is a legal requirement that you have to have car insurance to drive your car on the public road network here in the UK and, of course, overseas. As a minimum, you must … Continue reading

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Do You Automatically Renew Your Car Insurance?

There has recently been some interesting research carried out by the price comparison website Gocompare. Alarmingly, this reveals there are a small percentage of motorists that receive their car insurance renewal documents who bother to compare the premium that they … Continue reading

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What Does Your Car Insurance Premium Get Spent On?

There are millions of private motorists in the UK and all should have arranged car insurance. However, how many of you actually know what your premium gets spent on? Probably not many of you so let’s have a look at … Continue reading

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Why Does The Car You Buy Affect Your Insurance Premium?

There are numerous factors that affect the cost of your car insurance. These include the likes of your age, driving experience, whether you have points on your license, the number of miles you are likely to drive each year, where … Continue reading

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Does Having A Named Additional Driver On Your Policy Affect Your Premium?

When arranging car insurance you can either take it out in your sole name with you as the policyholder, add one or more other named additional drivers to the policy or cover any other drivers over the age of say … Continue reading

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The Benefits Of Car Security Devices

You may have spent a considerable sum when purchasing your car so no doubt you would want to protect it in whatever way is possible against it being stolen. It is fine having the highest level of car insurance which … Continue reading

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Can Worn Tyres Affect Your Car Insurance?

Firstly, it is perhaps a good idea to mention what the legal limit is for worn tyres. The minimum tread depth should be 1.6 millimetres covering the middle ¾ of tread that goes completely around the tyre’s circumference. You may … Continue reading

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