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Large Rise In Fraudulent Insurance Claims Being Rejected

One of the reasons why car insurance premiums have gone up in the last couple of years or so is due to the amount being paid out in respect of whiplash claims. If a motorist submits a legitimate claim then … Continue reading

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Motor Insurance Premiums Forecast To Rise

It is being forecast by ERS that specialize in proving motor insurance policies that the cost of insuring your vehicle is going to increase significantly by the beginning of next year. That prediction will give concern to many motorists. If … Continue reading

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High Percentage Of Drivers Do Not Declare Penalty Points

Some interesting research has been carried out by RAC Insurance into the number of drivers who do not inform their car insurer that they have been unfortunate to have got penalty points on their driving licenses. Those points could be … Continue reading

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Could A Poor Credit Rating Increase The Cost Of Your Cover?

Car insurance providers take into account a variety of factors when deciding how much to charge you for cover. For instance, they take into account things like your age, where you live, how many miles per annum you travel in … Continue reading

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Speeding Fines Impact Cost Of Motor Insurance

Motorists really should not exceed the speed limit on the road they are traveling on as there are a number of potential implications including car insurance premiums going up. Research carried out by the price comparison website has revealed … Continue reading

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