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Why Should Your Occupation Affect Your Car Insurance Premium?

Car insurance companies take into account a number of factors when calculating how much your premium will be for the next 12 months. They consider such things as your age, the make and model of car that you drive, the … Continue reading

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Several People Found Guilty In “Crash For Cash” Scam

Car insurance fraud costs motorists financially as it results in increased premiums that they could all do without. You may be interested to read that such a fraud case that is reportedly the biggest of its kind in the UK … Continue reading

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Does Modifying Your Car Affect Your Insurance?

It is the younger motorist who tends to be paying more for their car insurance than someone 50 years of age that is more likely to want to modify their car than other drivers. However, some motorists are probably not … Continue reading

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Protecting Your Christmas Presents Left In the Car

Most of us will be visiting a retail park, high street or shopping centre to buy Christmas presents for our friends and family in the next couple of weeks. You may be surprised just how much people spend on such … Continue reading

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