Does Modifying Your Car Affect Your Insurance?

It is the younger motorist who tends to be paying more for their car insurance than someone 50 years of age that is more likely to want to modify their car than other drivers. However, some motorists are probably not aware that certain modifications are likely to result in an increase in their car insurance premiums.

Car insurance premiums may rise if you have certain modifications carried out to your vehicle

Certain modifications made to a car could result in your car insurance premium going up.

An insurer bases their premium on a number of factors such as the age of the driver, the make and model of car and the driver’s history i.e. do they have any penalty points for speeding and/or have they been involved in a road traffic accident in recent years. They will also want to know about any modifications that have been carried out to the vehicle.

For instance, if you have bought a car and then spent £500 on having the standard wheels replaced with alloy wheels you will need to inform your car insurance company. Such wheels have no doubt made your car more likely to appeal to car thieves who may steal your vehicle with a view to removing the alloy wheels to then sell them or put them on another car. So, as the risk is greater to the insurance company, it is likely that your premium will increase.

If you have had a more powerful engine fitted to the car than the one it came with, the risk of having a road traffic accident is increased and this could also result in your insurer increasing the car insurance premium you pay them.

If you had specialist paintwork sprayed on the bodywork of the car then your insurance company may charge you more for providing the cover. This is because your car could appeal more to a car thief and the cost of a specialist paintjob may be more expensive.

If you have things like skirts, spoilers, flared wheel arches, sat navs and upgraded brakes fitted to the car this is likely to result in your premium increasing as such cars may attract car thieves.

So, in answer to the above question, “yes, modifying your car in certain ways may result in your car insurance premium going up”. You should notify your insurer if you have modified your vehicle as, if you do not, they may refuse to meet a claim.

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