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Is Car Insurance Required If You Are Not Currently Driving Your Car?

Post Office Car Insurance have recently undertaken research that reveals many drivers in the UK are unaware of the current regulations that came into force in June 2011 whereby a car has to be insured even if it is not … Continue reading

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Five Of The Cheapest Second Hand Cars To Insure

In recent years car insurance premiums have been on the rise increasing by 61% during the past five years. Younger drivers have been hit particularly hard so it is often important for them to buy a second hand car that … Continue reading

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Fuel Efficient Cars For Women

Ladies, petrol prices are high so this couldn’t be a better time to buy a fuel-efficient car. After all, you know you don’t like to have to fill up at a petrol station and get fuel on those manicured hands … Continue reading

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Driving Abroad?

There are 10 million people expected to drive a car abroad this summer with a third knowingly taking a risk with laws and many others breaking those local laws without knowing according to research by AXA who are a well-known … Continue reading

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