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Car Insurance Premiums Are Still Dropping

We continue to receive good news about car insurance premiums as it has been reported by the Association of British Insurers (ABI) that the average cost of fully comprehensive car insurance has fallen in the first quarter of 2014 when … Continue reading

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How Loyal Are You To Your Car Insurance Provider?

An interesting survey has been carried out that shows how disloyal many policyholders are in the UK to the companies that provide their existing house and car insurance. Does this come as a surprise to you? We suspect not! Apparently, … Continue reading

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Which Car Insurance Company Should You Choose?

As with most products, when it comes to deciding which one to buy, one of the problems is selecting the best one. You may feel that making your decision is not helped by the fact that there is often a … Continue reading

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The Benefits Or Otherwise Of Adding Car Breakdown Cover To Your Car Insurance

You are no doubt aware that when you take out car insurance you are likely to be offered a number of optional extras at additional cost. For instance, a voluntary excess, legal protection cover, protected no claims discount and breakdown … Continue reading

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Is Cheap Car Insurance Worth Having?

Here in the UK, people are still going through troubled times from a financial perspective. Many of you will have had to “tighten your belts” in recent years trying to find ways of reducing your family’s expenditure, giving up on … Continue reading

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Fuel Efficient Cars For Women

Ladies, petrol prices are high so this couldn’t be a better time to buy a fuel-efficient car. After all, you know you don’t like to have to fill up at a petrol station and get fuel on those manicured hands … Continue reading

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Driving Abroad?

There are 10 million people expected to drive a car abroad this summer with a third knowingly taking a risk with laws and many others breaking those local laws without knowing according to research by AXA who are a well-known … Continue reading

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Camcorder Trials In Cars For Young Drivers

Young car drivers are being given the opportunity of trialling the use of in-car camcorders with a view to helping them obtain cheap car insurance- perhaps we should say “cheaper car insurance”! Mike Bruce is 22 years old, has a … Continue reading

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Car Insurance Prices Drop

Last month, the first quarter’s results for 2012 of the Confused.com/Towers Watson Car Insurance Price Index were released. This index, which is based on over 4 million quotations and makes a comparison with findings over the previous five years, revealed … Continue reading

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Women Face Rise In Car Insurance Premiums

Towards the end of this year cheaper car insurance premiums for lady drivers, because of their gender, is to cease. The European Court of Justice (ECJ), in March 2011, decreed that, by the 21 December 2012, insurers could no longer … Continue reading

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