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Your Car Insurance Premium Could Rise Even If You Are Not At Fault For The Accident

Would you have thought that if you had an accident and you were not at fault for it that, having made a claim, your premiums subsequently increased? This would appear to be the case with some car insurance companies. Apparently, … Continue reading

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Car Insurance Claims – What To Do

Let’s hope that you never need to claim on your car insurance policy but, if you do, the following information should prove useful at what will no doubt be a stressful time. The first thing to bear in mind is … Continue reading

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Provide Accurate Information When You Apply For Car Insurance

When applying for car insurance it is important that you provide the insurance company with accurate information. If you do not, you may find that the insurance company will not pay out should you make a claim in which case … Continue reading

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Seven Of The Least Expensive New Cars To Insure

You may or may not be aware but cars are placed into one of 50 insurance groups by the Association of British Insurers (ABI) and the insurance group has a reflection on the car insurance premium that you will pay. … Continue reading

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