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Does Having A Named Additional Driver On Your Policy Affect Your Premium?

When arranging car insurance you can either take it out in your sole name with you as the policyholder, add one or more other named additional drivers to the policy or cover any other drivers over the age of say … Continue reading

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What Optional Extras Are There With Car Insurance?

When you are considering getting a car insurance quote you have a number of things to consider such as the level of cover required i.e. fully comprehensive, the amount of any voluntary excess you are prepared to pay and whether … Continue reading

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Your Car Insurance Premium Could Rise Even If You Are Not At Fault For The Accident

Would you have thought that if you had an accident and you were not at fault for it that, having made a claim, your premiums subsequently increased? This would appear to be the case with some car insurance companies. Apparently, … Continue reading

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Don’t Drive Without Car Insurance

You may be surprised to read just how many people drive their car without taking out car insurance. There will no doubt be a variety of reasons why they have made that decision such as they may have been banned … Continue reading

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