Provide Accurate Information When You Apply For Car Insurance

When applying for car insurance it is important that you provide the insurance company with accurate information. If you do not, you may find that the insurance company will not pay out should you make a claim in which case you will have, quite simply, paid your premiums for nothing.

Yes, there are numerous pieces of information that you are asked to provide but this is to enable the car insurer to make a decision as to how much they will charge you. They are not in the habit of asking for information that is not relevant.

your car insurance is likely to be cheaper if you park your car on the drive or in the garage rather than on the road outside your home

If this car had been parked on your drive it would have been less likely to have been vandalised.

For instance, if you park your car on the road outside your house rather than in the garage or on the drive your vehicle is at greater risk of being stolen or vandalised. In which case your car insurance premium is likely to be more and quite rightly so.

If you travel 25,000 miles per annum in your car you are more likely to be involved in an accident than if you only travel 5,000 miles per annum in it. You may argue that the more miles you do the more experienced a driver you are but your experience counts for very little if you come across a driver that has just passed their driving test and makes a mistake and pulls out in front of you and collides with your vehicle. The more miles you do the more likely this is to happen.

If you use your car to travel to more than one place of work there is no point in just having cover for social domestic, pleasure and commuting purposes. This is because, in relation to work, it would only cover you for travelling to and from one place of work. Therefore, you would need to also include cover for, at least, “Business Use-Class 1”.

Many car insurance companies wish to know about any accidents and claims that you have made in the last five years so make sure that you provide accurate information. They check this information with the Claims and Underwriting Exchange and will query any discrepancies with you.

The above are just a few examples but we hope that they are of assistance when applying for car insurance.

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