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Don’t Take A Risk When Overtaking

It just isn’t worth taking a risk when overtaking another vehicle. It could lead to you being involved in a road traffic accident that could probably have been avoided resulting in you claiming on your car insurance due to damage … Continue reading

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Driving With Your Pet In The Car

If you are the loving owner of a pet such as a cat or dog it is quite possible that you have taken it on a journey in the car whether that is on holiday or to take it to … Continue reading

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Are Some Men Being Indirectly Discriminated Against For Car Insurance?

As many of you may know, back on the 21st December 2012, the European Union gender directive came into force. This meant that the likes of car insurance companies were no longer able to charge a man more for such … Continue reading

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Are Car Insurance Premiums Likely To Continue To Increase?

Unfortunately, nobody has a crystal ball that will tell them what is definitely going to happen in the future and this applies to car insurance premiums as much as anything else. Recently, we have seen the average cost of such … Continue reading

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Six Ways To Possibly Lower Your Premium

The cost of car insurance has been increasing in recent months. You may have noticed this when you received your renewal notice in the post. So, how can you possibly reduce your premiums or at very least contain them? Below … Continue reading

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Survey Reveals More People Concerned With Car Insurance Premium Rises

According to a survey carried out by Auto Trader in December 2014, of the 1,000 people taking part, 56% were concerned about increasing car insurance premiums whereas only 51% of those agreeing to participate in the survey were concerned about … Continue reading

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Young Drivers Car Insurance Premiums Still High

In the past, we have made reference to how expensive it is for some young drivers to sort out car insurance at an affordable premium. For some, the cost of such cover can exceed the monthly repayments on a car … Continue reading

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Are There Too Many Car Insurance Providers?

There are dozens of companies that offer car insurance here in the UK but are there too many of them? The answer must surely be no but let’s have a look at some of the benefits of having so many … Continue reading

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Car Insurance Premiums Rise In Q4

Are we seeing the end of falling car insurance premiums? According to the car insurance premium-pricing index produced jointly between Confused.com and Towers Watson this could be the case. This index has revealed that fully comprehensive car insurance premiums rose … Continue reading

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The Benefits of Temporary Car Insurance

You are no doubt aware that the vast majority of car insurance policies run for a period of 12 months. However, even at the end of that period, unless you tell the insurance provider otherwise, they will just renew your … Continue reading

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