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Many Young Motorists Unsure About Insurance Terms

When arranging car insurance, a lot of motorists probably focus on how much their cover is going to cost with fewer drivers possibly not paying a huge amount of attention as to exactly what he or she is covered for. … Continue reading

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Number Of Young Fatalities In Road Traffic Accidents Falls

The Department of Transport published the Reported Road Casualties in Great Britain: 2017 Annual Report some weeks ago a copy of which can be seen on the gov.uk website. It makes for interesting reading but there is one section that … Continue reading

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Telematics Policies Exceed 750,000

We have made reference to telematics car insurance policies on more than one occasion with this type of cover particularly appealing to the young motorist. It has recently been announced by the British Insurance Brokers’ Association (BIBA) that, last year, … Continue reading

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Young Drivers Car Insurance Premiums Still High

In the past, we have made reference to how expensive it is for some young drivers to sort out car insurance at an affordable premium. For some, the cost of such cover can exceed the monthly repayments on a car … Continue reading

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Government Seeks Ways To Reduce Car Insurance Premiums For Youngsters

On Monday Transport ministers from the government met with bosses from the insurance industry to discuss road safety improvements and ways that insurance premiums can be reduced for young drivers. It is hoped that a green paper will be issued … Continue reading

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Young Drivers-Proposed Changes

The Association of British Insurers (ABI) has put forward potential reforms about the way young drivers learn to drive. The measures include things like reducing the limit of alcohol, restrictions for night driving and a young driver would need to … Continue reading

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Camcorder Trials In Cars For Young Drivers

Young car drivers are being given the opportunity of trialling the use of in-car camcorders with a view to helping them obtain cheap car insurance- perhaps we should say “cheaper car insurance”! Mike Bruce is 22 years old, has a … Continue reading

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Cameron Promises Swift Recovery From Insurance Scare

The recent summit convened by Prime Minister David Cameron has created many ripples in the UK car insurance industry. With issues like whiplash claims, compensation culture and high premium rates for young drivers plaguing the nation, new measures have been … Continue reading

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Insurance Premiums for Young Drivers Fall, Critics Ask ‘Till When?’

In the wake of falling car insurance premiums due to exclusive ‘young driver’ policies, most critics are now saying that this is just a temporary relief, which won’t last long. A controversial equality decision was passed by the EU that … Continue reading

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A Bad Time To Be A Young Motorist

The recent hike in car insurance has become a source of concern for all motorists, especially the young ones, as for the first time ever, the total cost of getting car insurance amounts to almost £4,500. After taking into consideration … Continue reading

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