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The Impact On Your Premium Of Making A Claim

There has been some interesting research carried out by Which? into the effect that making one or more claims on a car insurance policy can have on the premium that a motorist will then end up paying at renewal. Obviously, … Continue reading

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Why Do Insurers Deny Some Motor Insurance Claims?

It should be borne in mind that a large percentage of claims submitted by motorists on their car insurance policies are paid out but there are some that are denied by insurance companies. So, let us have a look at … Continue reading

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Huge Reduction In Car Insurance Claims Payouts Estimated In 2020

Motorists will no doubt have noticed that during the pandemic, particularly when we have been in lockdown, there have been fewer motor vehicles on the roads here in the UK. As a result it will not come as a surprise … Continue reading

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Bodily Injury Insurance Claims Double Involving Motorcyclists, Pedestrians and Cyclists

Motorists may find it interesting to read that, according to MORE TH>N, there has been a significant increase in the number of bodily injury claims being made on car insurance policies that involve motorcyclists, cyclists and pedestrians in the last … Continue reading

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Men Make More Claims On Their Car Insurance Than Women

An informative report has been produced by confused.com that is a well-known price comparison website relating to the gender gap between men and women in relation to driving. We thought that you may find some of the information contained in … Continue reading

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Which Companies Are The Worst For Processing Claims?

When arranging car insurance, a lot of motorists probably see their priority as arranging the cover for as low a premium as possible. However, surely it is also important how a company deals with a claim. After all, you will … Continue reading

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The Car Insurance Companies That Are Fastest At Sorting Out Claims

When you are looking into which company to arrange your car insurance with what sort of things do you take into account? For many people it is possibly getting the level of cover you require at the lowest premium you … Continue reading

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Be Careful What Footwear You Have On Whilst Driving

Part of Rule 97 of the Highway Code states: – “Before setting off. You should ensure that: – Clothing and footwear do not prevent you using the controls in the correct manner” This is a rule that many motorists are … Continue reading

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Drive With Extra Care During Wintry Conditions

It is that time of year when motorists in the UK are suffering from wintry conditions such as snow and ice on our roads. Yes, the gritting lorries and snow ploughs may be out and about at varying times of … Continue reading

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Should You Claim On Your Car Insurance?

It is a legal requirement that you have car insurance in place unless your car is declared SORN (Statutory Off Road Notification) and is kept off the public road system. However, if you are involved in a road traffic accident … Continue reading

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