Your Car Insurance Premium Could Rise Even If You Are Not At Fault For The Accident

Would you have thought that if you had an accident and you were not at fault for it that, having made a claim, your premiums subsequently increased? This would appear to be the case with some car insurance companies.

Apparently, with some companies your premium could increase by as much as 30% per annum if you were to make one no-fault claim although the average increase in premium is around 8% per annum. However, if you had two no-fault claims then your premium with some insurers could rise by as much as 50%. It is interesting that a mere 4% of car insurance companies will leave your premium as it is.

The cost of your car insurance may go up even if the accident is not your fault

Even if the accident is not your fault your car insurance premiums may increase

Car insurance companies base some of their decisions on statistics and these statistics reveal that if someone has been involved in a no-fault accident there is anything up to a 10% possibility of them subsequently being involved in an accident that is their fault. On that basis, surely you cannot blame many car insurance providers for adopting this policy.

The above may encourage more people to shop around for their car insurance when their existing cover is coming up for renewal in the hope that, if they have made a no-fault claim and their existing insurer is going to increase the premium due to this fact, they are able to obtain cover elsewhere with a company that will not “penalise” them because of the no-fault claim.

There are many ways of shopping around but one of the most popular is to use a price comparison website like the one that you are presently on. Price comparison websites usually provide you with access to many different car insurance companies thus possibly giving you greater chance of getting a competitive car insurance quote. It only takes a few minutes to complete a quote enquiry form so why not take the opportunity to do so.

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