Can Convicted Drivers Get Cover?

There are some motorists who have unfortunately ended up in court and been found guilty of an offence resulting in a criminal conviction. The guilty conviction could be in connection with being at the wheel of a car or it could be that it is due to something else. Either way, getting car insurance is unlikely to be as straightforward as it is for someone that has never been convicted of an offence.

Having a serious criminal convistion for a motoring offence has a number of implications in respect of car insurance

If you have a serious criminal conviction for a motoring offence then there may be fewer insurers that will consider providing cover than if you did not have a criminal record.

If your conviction relates to a serious motoring offence then, depending upon what it is, there may be some insurance companies that will not consider providing cover. However, you will be pleased to read that there are a number of specialist insurance companies that may consider cover for such motorists. Unfortunately, the premium is likely to be considerably more than a motorist with no such conviction would pay but this probably does not come as a surprise.

Why is this? Well, insurance companies have data that would indicate that a motor insurance policyholder who has been found guilty of a motoring offence is more likely to claim on their policy. Therefore, surely it is only fair that such motorists should pay more for their cover than the majority of motorists who do not have any criminal convictions.

One of the ways of finding “convicted drivers car insurance” is to type that phrase into your browser’s search box and you should be presented with various websites that will talk about the subject but also a number of specialist insurance brokers that may be able to arrange cover for you. It could be in your best interest to shop around and not merely accept the first quote that you are provided with. After all, it does not cost you anything to get several quotes other than giving up a little of your time to devote to trying to find suitable car insurance for a convicted driver.

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