Convicted Drivers Car Insurance

If you have been convicted of a driving offence, you could still get insured

All drivers that are convicted of drinking and driving may experience considerably higher car insurance prices, as a result of their actions. There are many motor car insurance providers that refuse to insure drivers that have a drink driving conviction. Fortunately for these motorists, there are a number of Convicted Drivers Car Insurance companies that specialise in providing cover for convicted drivers. These niche insurance providers may be able to arrange policies for an affordable premium, despite the drunk driving conviction.

Several insurance companies may also recognise the completion of a Drink Driving Rehabilitation course. Drivers that complete this type of course may be able to further reduce their premiums. There are several ways drivers that are convicted of drink driving may be able to reduce the premiums on their insurance. Something as simple as keeping the vehicle garaged when not in use, may help to reduce premiums.

If the conviction or penalty was severe, it may be unlikely that you will be able to still obtain cheap car insurance – however, in an attempt to lower insurance costs, motorists may opt to accept a higher voluntary excess. Most car insurance companies require policyholders to pay a minimum compulsory excess, which is the amount that is paid towards the expense of any claim that is made on the policy.

Individuals may also choose to limit the car insurance policy in order to cover specific named drivers rather than letting anyone drive the vehicle. Listing certain responsible drivers, may help to reduce costs.

Lowering the annual mileage that you drive is another way to possibly reduce car insurance premiums. The less an individual drives, the less likely they are to get into a car accident. Also, increasing security features on the vehicle, may lower premiums. Some iInsurance companies utilise the services of Thatcham, The Motor Insurance Repair Research Centre, to assess the safety and security of insured vehicles. If the security systems meets the criteria set by Thatcham, the insurer may reduce the premium payments.

Comparing Insurance Premiums

It is important for drivers that have been convicted of drink driving to compare different premiums offered by car insurance companies. The premiums may vary among insurance providers. By undertaking a little research, drivers may save money when shopping around for convicted drivers insurance quotes.