A Third Of UK Motorists Without Insurance, Study Reveals

In the midst of rising inflation and consequent insurance hikes, it has been reported that about one third of motorists in UK drive without insurance. A study by the Motor Insurer’s Bureau revealed the unflattering figures along with the hotspots where driving without insurance was most prevalent.

Although the concept of cheap car insurance has almost ceased to exist, drivers in UK are neglecting to apply for insurance premiums and driving without availing insurance premiums, leading to threat in terms of life and property, not to mention millions of taxpayers’ pounds being wasted.

With Bordesley in Birmingham, Manchester, Essex and West Yorkshire being the major insurance blackspots, Britain’s firms are now losing up to 500 million pounds per annum, leading to an increase of about 30 pounds per year in annual premiums. This means that the public is liable to pay for the ignorance of these offenders.

The numbers released by the MIB also suggests a plausible reason behind the skyrocketing rates of running a car for law-abiding drivers.

With almost 1.4 million uninsured drivers and one in 25 drivers without insurance, UK now holds the dubious distinction of having one of the worst records throughout Western Europe.

The horrific numbers don’t end here. Studies show that UK roads witness 160 deaths and about 23,000 injuries due to accidents by untraced and uninsured drivers per year.

The research also went so far as to claim that one in ten 18-35 year old drivers is not aware of the fact that having car insurance in Britain is a legal requirement. With police claiming that there is a solid connection between drivers without insurance and other crimes, it can be argued that uninsured drivers are almost five times more likely to be engaged in criminal activity, road collisions and traffic infractions.

The chief executive of MIB, Ashton West, was categorical in his condemnation of uninsured drivers, saying, “We cannot stand by and let uninsured driving continue. Otherwise, the Otherwise, the honest motorist will keep paying the bills for the injury and damage caused to people and property.’

Phil Gormley, Association of Chief Police Officers, mollified the issue by saying that although there are still certain areas that have been causing troubles for enforcement authorities, the number of uninsured vehicles has drastically decreased by 500,000 since the last 5 years.

UK’s Road Safety Minister, Mike Penning, added to the reassuring statements by stating: “The Government is already taking action in a number of areas, to reduce uninsured driving, insurance fraud and the cost of claims as well as improve the safety record of young drivers.”

He continued, saying “We have introduced a new offence of keeping an uninsured vehicle, which will help us to take targeted action against uninsured driving while freeing up police to deal with the hard core of offenders.”



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