Don’t Break The Law By Fronting

On average, young, inexperienced motorists tend to be charged most for their car insurance. Therefore, some may be tempted to try to reduce the cost of their cover by whatever means is possible.

However, it is just not worth doing so if it involves breaking the law and that is just what fronting does and carries serious punishment. So, what is fronting?

Well, it involves say the mother or father of a young driver who has perhaps recently passed their driving test stating when an application for motor insurance is submitted to the insurer that he or she will be the main driver of the car on the policy and naming their son or daughter as an additional driver when in fact it is the son or daughter who will be the main driver of the vehicle. In doing so, the insurance company will usually charge less to provide the cover. In fact, the premium may be significantly lower.

The reason for this is that, as the father or mother is expected to do a larger proportion of the driving than the son or daughter, there is less chance of a claim being submitted than if the son or daughter did most of the driving.

Unfortunately, if the parent and/or offspring are found out then the repercussions could be severe. Quite simply it is insurance fraud and will no doubt be dealt with accordingly as it is a criminal offence.

Those involved could find that if a claim was submitted that the claim could be rejected by the insurance company leaving those involved with having to meet the cost of any damage or injury to pay for it themselves. It could also make it more difficult to obtain motor insurance at an affordable premium for many years to come as there will be fewer insurance companies that will consider insuring such offenders.

It could also lead to those involved receiving penalty points on their licenses and being fined a significant sum of money. It could also result in those involved finding it difficult to obtain lines of credit such as a mortgage, loan or credit card.

So, don’t break the law by fronting as it may not only have serious implications in respect of your car insurance but could also affect other thing some of which we have highlighted above. It is just not worth taking the risk.

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