How To Get Cheaper Car Insurance

Following the implementation of the EU gender directive on 21st December 2012 now is probably a good time to look at possible ways of reducing or, at very least, containing your car insurance premiums. This directive has had a significant impact on premiums for young female drivers.

you must have car insurance by law

Car accident

One of the first things to do when you receive your car insurance renewal notice is to shop around to see if you can get a better deal elsewhere. You can do this either by contacting your local insurance broker, picking up the phone to a few car insurance companies or through the Internet.

When you go on the Internet you can key in say “ car insurance quotes” into the search box of the browser and you will be presented with numerous car insurance companies offering to provide you with quotes. You will also see a number of car insurance price comparison websites where you can get a number of quotes to see if you can get a cheaper car insurance deal than you are being offered by your existing car insurer. Remember to compare like with like.

Other ways that you may be able to reduce your premiums are: –

The type of cover

Do you require just third party (cheapest), third party, fire and theft (next cheapest) or fully comprehensive car insurance (most expensive)?  Remember, you get what you pay for so make sure that the cover you decide upon meets your requirements.

Security Devices

If you fit an immobilizer, tracking device or alarm your premium may reduce.


The more miles you do the greater the risk of having an accident so the higher the premium will be.  So, be realistic about the miles you are likely to do each year.

Overnight parking

If you leave your car on the road outside your house overnight it is more likely to be stolen than if it were parked on your drive or in the garage so try to park it off the road.


Be selective about who you wish to name on the policy to be able to drive your car in addition to yourself. If only you drive it don’t put anyone else on the policy.


If you are prepared to pay a higher voluntary excess your premium should be lower.

These are just a few ways of possibly reducing your car insurance premiums.

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