The Benefit Of Dashboard Cameras

Nobody likes to be involved in a road traffic accident as they can result in injury or even death to one or more people never mind causing damage to vehicles and other property. Should you be unfortunate enough to be driving a car in a road traffic accident you will need to notify your car insurance company’s claims department of the fact.

It is quite possible that a "dashcam" may prove beneficiial should you need to provide further evidence in the event of a road traffic accident

You may find a dashboard camera of benefit in the event of a car accident.

Your insurance company will require as much information about the accident as possible to assess the claim. This information is often provided initially over the phone with some paperwork to follow. The more evidence that can be given to your insurance company the better in order for them to assess the claim.

You may be interested to note that quite a lot of insurance companies are prepared to use footage from a dashboard camera located in your car when assessing a claim. The camera takes footage of the road ahead and could prove particularly useful in a disputed claim of which there are many.

The camera footage could be used alongside any documentary evidence provided such as from eyewitnesses. Unfortunately, there are not many insurance companies that would give you a discount on your car insurance premiums because you have had a “dashcam” fitted. You would also need to pay for such a camera yourself so you should bear the cost in mind when considering if you feel it is worth investing in one.

It will be interesting to see if, in years to come, some car manufacturers install such cameras when building a vehicle. After all, this is what happened with car alarms as they used to be bought and installed by car owners after buying a car whereas now many new cars have some form of alarm system fitted during the manufacturing process.

So, you may wish to make some enquiries about having a “dashcam” fitted and also check whether an insurer will offer you cheaper car insurance premiums for doing so.

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