Don’t Drink And Drive

The festive season will soon be upon us. It is a time to enjoy ourselves with family and friends but it is also a period when excessive drinking can lead to serious car accidents including fatalities.

drinking and driving could lead to you causing the death or serious injury of someone

It is not worth taking the risk of being caught over the alcohol limit whilst driving – don’t drink and drive.

There will no doubt be the usual advert on the television warning us against drinking too much and then getting behind the wheel of our cars. Such adverts can often be quite graphic. If you have had an alcoholic drink, better to order a taxi and get home safely or get a friend who has not had a drink at the office Christmas party to drive you home.

There is no doubt that these adverts have an impact. Back in 1979, there were 8,300 serious injuries and 1,600 deaths recorded in the year due to motorists driving over the legal alcohol limit. By 2012, these figures had reduced to 1,200 and 230 respectively – significant drops.

It has been estimated that the likes of the THINK advertising campaign has resulted in excess of 10,000 serious injuries and just about 2,000 deaths being prevented between the thirty-year period 1979 to 2009. Back in 1979, 25% of road deaths were alcohol related but this percentage has now reduced to 13%.

Nevertheless, you will no doubt agree that we should be striving to drive these figures down to zero.

There are other repercussions of being caught over the legal alcohol limit whilst driving. For instance, you could have points added to your license or even banned from driving.

There is a knock on effect as far as your car insurance is concerned as there will be fewer car insurance companies prepared to offer you cover. Those that will are going to charge you an increased premium as you are perceived to be at greater risk of being involved in an accident.

Why take the risk – don’t drink and drive at anytime of the year.

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