Why Are Some New Drivers Banned?

You would have thought that the main reason why a new driver is banned from driving is because they have been driving at an excessive speed. However, based upon information obtained by Auto Express under the Freedom of Information Act this is certainly not the case.

if you drive without car insurance you could be banned from driving

Don’t drive without car insurance otherwise you could be banned from driving

Apparently, information provided by the DVLA revealed that since June 2010 there have been 40,481 drivers that have been banned from driving vehicles within the first couple of years of passing their driving test. Interestingly, a staggering 21,148 of those motorists were banned because they were caught without having any car insurance.

As a result, this incurs 6 points on their license plus a fine and, because they have accumulated a minimum of 6 points within the first two years of passing their test, results in them being banned. They would have to apply for a provisional license and pass the practical and theory parts of the driving test to get their full license back.

Presumably, a major reason why someone in this situation has not bothered to insure their vehicle is due to the fact that young drivers pay such large premiums for car insurance. Well, what they will no doubt find when they get their full license back and are looking for car insurance is that those 6 points are going to mean it is even more expensive to insure their vehicle than what they had originally been quoted.

With so many cameras on our road systems reading number plates and then an insurance database being checked it is no doubt easy for the authorities to establish if a car is insured or not.

Below are the top 5 reasons since June 2010 why a driver that has passed his test in the first 2 years was banned: –

1. Uninsured – 21,148
2. Speeding – 7,220
3. Failing to provide correct information i.e. the driver’s identity – 2,220
4. Control of vehicle i.e. using mobile phone whilst driving – 1,766
5. Driving without due attention and care – 1,675

It really is not worth taking the risk. Make sure you are insured.

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