Uninsured Driver Claims Increase

The Motor Insurers’ Bureau was established many years ago back in 1946 with a view to compensating people who were involved in a road traffic accident but where the other driver could not be located after the accident or where … Continue reading

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How Do Price Comparison Sites Make Money?

One of the most popular ways for motorists to source and arrange car insurance is to use the services of a price comparison website. Such a site may specialize in just providing motor insurance quotes from a number of providers … Continue reading

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Change Of Circumstances – Inform Your Insurer

When you apply for car insurance there are a range of questions that you are asked on the documentation. For instance, your name. address, date of birth, occupation, make and model of car to be insured, the number of miles … Continue reading

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Reducing The Possibility Of Your Car Being Stolen

The prospect of having your car stolen doesn’t bear thinking about. The inconvenience caused by this happening could be immense. For instance, how will you be able to get around without your car such as going to the shops and … Continue reading

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It’s Not All About The Price

When motorists are looking to arrange car insurance many will probably go for the cheapest premium for the level of cover he or she requires. However, is there anything else that the motorist should take into account apart from how … Continue reading

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When Do You Need Class 1 Business Car Insurance?

Hopefully, you are aware that there are various classes of car insurance with the most well known one probably being “social, domestic, pleasure and commuting”. One of the other ones is “Class 1 Business Use”. So, when is that later … Continue reading

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Frauds Involving Motor Vehicles Fell In 2016

Motor insurance fraud results in the honest policyholder having to pay more for their cover than he or she should really be paying. Whilst this may seem unfair to some people, insurance companies operate to make a profit. The Association … Continue reading

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What You Do For A Living Affects Your Car Insurance Cost

Your occupation, as well as many other things, affects the cost of your motor insurance as confirmed by some research undertaken by the price comparison website Let’s have a look at the average premiums being charged for certain occupations. … Continue reading

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The Elderly Could Do Without This

Unfortunately, motor insurance premiums have been on the increase for a considerable period of time with many motorists having to dig deeper into their pockets to meet the rising cost of such cover. As you are no doubt aware there … Continue reading

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Cost Of Car Insurance Rises In Q2 Of 2017

Motorists must be getting tired of reading in the press and in other publications that the cost of car insurance has been on the increase for quite some time. Well, that is still happening according to the Car Insurance … Continue reading

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