Insurance Requirements To Drive Someone Else’s Vehicle

With the cost of living increasing here in the UK as a result of a number of factors such as the price paid for petrol and diesel, increased mortgage repayments and rent, rising domestic fuel bills and with still a lot of people working from home there are probably some families who have decided to sell one of their cars and share the use of the remaining vehicle. If this is the case then you may wish to check out your motor insurance policy to make sure that those driving the vehicle are covered to do so.

If the policy is in your sole name then you will need to add the other party as an additional driver unless they have their own car insurance. However, if they do have a separate policy on another vehicle and are not a named driver on your policy then do bear in mind that they will only be covered on a third party basis should they be in a road traffic accident whilst driving your car. This means that their policy would not cover for damage to your vehicle. However, if they were a named driver on your policy then they would be covered on the same basis as you i.e. if you have fully comprehensive insurance then so would they.

You will also have to notify the insurance company providing your motor insurance who will be the main driver of the vehicle if it is not going to be you.

You will also have to let the insurance company know if you feel that, as a result of sharing the vehicle, the number of miles being driven in the car is likely to change.

Obviously, by adding someone to your policy as an additional driver, the amount of the premium will no doubt increase but hopefully the increased cost will be lower than the amount the other party was paying on their car insurance policy.

We hope that the above is helpful. If you are looking for a competitive quote for car insurance why not get in touch with us at your earliest convenience.

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