How To Lower Your Car Expenditure

Here in the UK, household expenditure has been increasing in recent months due to the likes of increased mortgage repayments, higher rent, increase in interest payable on credit cards, the cost of food going up and the cost of running a car. So, how could you possibly reduce the amount you spend on keeping your car on the road each year?

Well, one of the major expenses of running a car is the amount you spend on filling up your fuel tank whether it be on a daily or weekly basis. The cost of fuel has never been higher than what it currently is in many parts of the UK. Who knows it could soon be exceeding £2 per litre in a lot of places unless something changes. So, what can you do to try to lower the amount you are spending on petrol or diesel?

You could shop around in the locality to try to find the cheapest petrol station. Depending upon how much fuel you use it is amazing how much you could save if the price was 1p a litre lower over an extended period of time. How you drive your car impacts upon the number of miles you achieve per gallon. For instance, avoid accelerating rapidly, use the most suitable gear and avoid travelling at extremely high speed even when you are legally allowed to do so.

Whilst the cost of servicing your car on a regular basis is probably something you could do without incurring, what would happen if your car broke down as a result of not being maintained and you had a huge repair bill from the garage that far exceeded the cost of a service.

Review your car insurance when it comes up for renewal and shop around to see if you can get the cover cheaper elsewhere. If you are looking for cover for the first time then also shop around. A great way of doing this is via the likes of a price comparison website.

We do hope that the above is helpful.

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