Why Are Some Cars Written Off By Insurers?

If your car is involved in a car accident you will notify your car insurance company who will assess your claim. One of the things that they will need to consider is whether the vehicle is so badly damaged that it is beyond repair and should be written off. If that is the case, you will no doubt be offered a sum of money in order to go out and buy another car.

If a car is beyond repair it may be written off and scapped which provides some protection for the motorist to make sure badly damaged cars do not end up back on our roads

Car insurance companies write cars off because they are beyond repair.

Another reason why a car is written off by a car insurer is to make sure that it does not end up back on the road when it is in no fit state to be driven again as, if it did, it could present a danger to other vehicles, property and people.

There is a code of practice in place that is voluntary that includes the likes of those involved in the motor insurance industry, the police, salvage firms and the licensing authority. Under this code of practice there are four salvage categories: –

Category A – this is where a car is recommended to be crushed/scrapped as there are not even any car parts that could be used due to the vehicle being so badly damaged.

Category B – the car body would be crushed but some of the car parts could be used on another car.

Category C – although it may be possible to repair the car, the cost of doing so is greater than the value of the car before the accident took place.

Category D – it may be possible to repair the car with the cost of doing so not expected to be more than the value of the vehicle.

So, as you can see, if the car comes under Category A or B you should never see the car back on the road. However, in the case of Category C or D, you may see the car on the road having been suitably repaired. Fortunately, there is a system in place that should ensure vehicles under Category A and B do not end up being driven by anyone again.

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