The Importance Of Having The Correct Cover

If you are arranging car insurance, one of the considerations is how much the cover is going to cost. However, is that more important than making sure that you have the most appropriate cover?

Having the most suitable car insurance cover in place is important

It is important that you have the correct car insurance cover in place to meet your needs.

Surely, you will agree that it is imperative you have the correct cover in place so that in the event of being involved in a road traffic accident that, if necessary, your car insurance company will meet the cost of the claim and pay out thus providing you with complete peace of mind.

Yes, of course, how much you pay for your car insurance is important as most people have a budget that they would prefer to keep within. However, there is no point in saving money on your premiums only to discover when claiming that you are not covered under the terms of the policy.

For instance, if someone drives their car to more than one place of work, perhaps because he or she runs their own business as say a private music teacher that involves visiting pupils at their respective homes, they will wish to ensure that they are correctly covered. If they had settled for “commuting” cover then they would only be insured for using the car for social, domestic, pleasure and commuting to ONE place of work that, in the above example we have given, would not have been adequate. Suitable advice should be sought in this respect but it is possible that, as a minimum, he or she may require cover under business use class 1.

Yes, you would probably have had to pay more for business use class 1 but is it not better to be correctly insured rather than save some money on your premiums? After all, if you had the wrong level of cover, the insurance company could refuse to pay out.

You will also wish to make sure that you decide upon whether you require third party, third party fire and theft or fully comprehensive car insurance as they each provide different levels of cover.

Another thing to consider when arranging suitable car insurance is how many miles per annum you travel in the car each year. If you stated on the proposal form when applying for the cover that you are likely to only drive say 5,000 miles per annum but actually travel 30,000 miles per annum and were to claim, the insurer may refuse to pay out should you be involved in a road traffic accident.

We hope that the above has given you food for thought.

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