Not Enough People Shop Around For Car Insurance

According to a survey conducted by almost a third of drivers automatically renew their car insurance every year. As a result, on average, they are missing out on saving around £237 per annum – that is a considerable sum of money in the current economic climate.

review your car insurance when you receive your renewal notice

Shop around for your car insurance when you receive your renewal notice

This means that in the region of 8.5 million car insurance policyholders merely accept the premium that they are quoted when they receive their renewal notice. Also, the survey revealed that 37% of motorists have remained with the same car insurance company for at least three years.

Interestingly, of those motorists that merely accepted the renewal premium quoted, 15% of them couldn’t be bothered to shop around as it was not worth the hassle, 26% did so out of loyalty and 37% presumed that as their car insurance premium was cheapest in the previous twelve months that their renewal premium would provide good value once more.

The above just goes to show that you should not just file your car insurance renewal notice when you receive it. You really should start shopping around.

One of the ways of doing this is to go on the Internet and key in something like “car insurance quotes” into the search box of your browser. This will bring up numerous websites offering to provide you with such quotes. Some of these will be price comparison websites that will enable you to get quotes from various companies but only by having to key in your details just once. This will save you time when making your enquiries and could, as indicated above, result in a significant saving.

The process is simple and quick and you may also find that, with many companies, you are even able to go on risk straight away and arrange payment online. All this can be done from the comfort of your own home at any time of the day or night.

Give it a try.

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