Only One Third Of Motorists Switch Car Insurance

Recent research has revealed that almost two thirds (63 per cent) of UK motorists have not bothered to move their car insurance to another car insurance provider in the last twelve months despite premiums increasing by more than twice as much since 2009.

By switching your car insurance you may be able to reduce your premiumsPotentially, drivers are missing out on saving a lot of money by not shopping around with other insurers. In the current economic climate this is rather surprising as one would have thought that most people would look to make any saving they can. Not only have car insurance premiums increased significantly but so has the price of fuel giving the motorist a “double whammy”.

A more startling figure is the 31 per cent of drivers who have not even switched car insurance provider for over three years.

John Miles of Gocompare said:”If drivers haven’t switched for a couple of years they could well be paying too much and may be able to find the same cover at a much cheaper price by shopping around.

“Each insurer has taken a slightly different position on each risk as the market has risen and because the premiums are now so high that the differences between insurers can be substantial.”

It is relatively quick and simple to check if you could save money on your car insurance. All you need to do is go on the Internet and onto one of the price comparison websites and spend a few minutes keying in your personal information, details about the car and your driving history and you will be provided with a number of quotes from various car insurance companies to peruse. It is even possible to apply online.

Obviously you would need to make sure that the cover you are considering is adequate to meet your needs remembering that cheapest is not always best.

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