What Could Invalidate Your Car Insurance?

Motorists need to be aware what sorts of changes in their circumstances or to their car could result in their motor insurance policies being declared invalidate if they do not inform the insurer that they have made them potentially resulting in the insurer refusing to meet a claim. Below we provide a list of some of the things that could cause this to happen.

Moving address

One of the things that an insurance company takes into account to work out how much it will charge you for providing cover for your car is where you live. This is because certain areas in the UK are renowned for having a higher rate of thefts and/or road traffic accidents than others. So, if you move home, you need to advise your car insurance provider as this may affect the premium it will charge you whether that be an increase in the premium or a reduction.

Modifications to your car

If you change your car in any way such as by replacing your standard wheels with alloy wheels, putting in a more powerful engine or adding a spoiler to it then you must inform your insurance company as this may affect how much you have to pay for the cover on your vehicle. After all, if you have a more powerful engine installed then you are more likely to be involved in a road traffic accident.

Change in occupation

One of the questions that you will be asked when applying for car insurance is what you do for a living. The reason that you are asked this is that statistics held by insurance companies show that a motorist in occupation A is more likely to be involved in a road traffic accident than say a motorist in occupation B.

Where do you leave your car overnight?

If you advise your insurer when applying for cover that you leave your car in the garage overnight but actually leave it on the street outside your home then, if it is stolen, your insurer may refuse to meet a claim. After all, a thief is more likely to steal your car if it is parked in the street overnight near your home than if it is in your garage.

Correct class of use

If you use your car for business purposes then it is not acceptable just to insure your car for social domestic and pleasure purposes as business users are more likely to drive in locations where they are more likely to be involved in a road traffic accident such as in busy town centres.

Mileage Underestimating

How many miles you estimate you will do each year in your car has a bearing on how much your insurer will charge you for the cover. The more miles you do, the more likely you are to be involved in a road traffic accident.

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