Are All Car Insurers Listed On Price Comparison Websites?

If you are considering taking out car insurance perhaps for the first time or your existing cover is shortly due to be renewed then you are quite possibly going to want to get one or more quotes for such cover to make a comparison. There are a variety of ways of doing this with one of them being to use price comparison websites.

Do bear in mind that not every car insurance company is listed on a price comparison website.

Not all car insurers are listed on price comparison websites.

However, do bear in mind that some insurance companies are not listed on any price comparison website preferring to deal direct with the public either, for instance, over the phone or through their own website. Furthermore, price comparison website A may not have as many car insurers listed on their website as price comparison website B.

One of the reasons why some insurers do not wish to be listed on a price comparison website could be that they do not want to have to pay commission to such websites.

Some of the insurance companies that are not listed on such comparison websites include Direct Line and Aviva. So, if you are looking to make a reasonably thorough comparison, you may wish to obtain quotes from a number of price comparison websites and also get in touch direct with any insurers that are not listed on comparison websites. Hopefully this will enable you to have a reasonable opportunity of finding a competitively priced car insurance policy.

There can sometimes be quite a difference in the amount being charged by different insurers for the same level of cover so it may well be time well spent in getting as many quotes as possible. Having done that and arranged suitable cover do not assume that when your cover comes up for renewal in 12 month’s time that your existing insurer will still be offering one of the most competitive prices for such cover. An increasing number of people shop around for cover on an annual basis.

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