Where Are The Safest Drivers In The UK?

Now, which part of the UK do you think has the safest motorists? Well, you may be interested to read that, according to one car insurance company, it is drivers living in the North East of England that are believed to be the safest motorists on our roads.

According to Direct Line that arranges car insurance Drivers in the North East of England are the safest motorists in Britain.

Drivers in the North East of England such as in Newcastle upon Tyne are believed to be the safest motorists in the UK

Many of you will have heard of Direct Line who provides various sorts of insurance including cover for cars. They also arrange Telematics insurance that is also known as “black box” car insurance. Research carried out from data provided by Direct Line DrivePlus telematics insurance for the month of January 2016 has shown that those living in the above part of the country are the safest drivers.

Telematics cover takes into account a number of factors when calculating how much someone should be paying for insuring their car. For instance, how you drive your car has a bearing on the premium so things like how you brake, accelerate and how fast you drive impact on the premium.

The research showed that, when taking those three driving factors into account, those in the North East came out on top. In second place were Scottish motorists. In third were those in the East of England. Fourth spot was taken by the North West. In fifth were the Midlands. London was in sixth position. Wales and the West came seventh. In eight place was Yorkshire with the South West coming in in ninth position and the South of England finishing in bottom spot (tenth).

So, potentially, a motorist with black box car insurance living in say Newcastle upon Tyne could end up paying less for their telematics cover than say someone living in Canterbury.

Telematics insurance appears to be growing in popularity as more and more people realise that they may be able to get cheaper cover by having a black box fitted to their car that monitors many things about their driving. You may like to get a quote to compare the cost of what you are paying with your “standard” car insurance when your cover comes up for renewal.

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