Is Your Car Covered When Being Valet Parked?

There are an increasing number of people that have their cars valet parked when arriving at the airport to fly out for their summer holiday two to three hours later laden with all their luggage. We wonder how many of those holidaymakers know just how they stand as far as car insurance is concerned should their car be involved in an accident whilst being driven to a secure parking area by the attendant.

If you are using a car valet parking company to park your car for you say at the airport make sure that either your car insurance policy covers this situation or that the comaony concerned have cover in place should your car be damaged.

Make sure that there is cover in place should you be using the services of a car valet parking company in case they damage your car whilst it is under their control.

A lot of people probably assume that either there own car insurance provides adequate cover should such an event occur or that the valet car parking company have appropriate insurance. Not necessarily!

Apparently, back in May 2014, the price comparison website Gocompare undertook research of the conditions contained in 245 car insurance policies and discovered that 51% of car insurance companies did not provide cover for any damage to your car whilst being driven by staff working for a valet parking company. That information has probably come as a surprise to many of you.

Don’t assume that all valet parking companies have their own insurance cover for such an eventuality. You should read their terms and conditions to check what, if any, cover is provided by them or their insurers.

Of course, it is not only just when you go on holiday that you may use the services of a valet service. It could be that you arrive at an expensive 5 star luxury hotel or restaurant to be greeted by a suited member of staff that you hand the car keys over to leaving him or her to go and park your car for you. Do your research before arriving at the venue and check if your car insurance policy covers you for that person parking your car or that they or their employer has adequate cover in place.

Obviously, when arriving back at the airport following your holiday or leaving the hotel or restaurant and taking delivery of your car you should check it over to make sure that it is not damaged in any way. If you did not do this and subsequently discovered a scratch on the vehicle you are unlikely to be able to claim on the valet parking company.

So, check your car insurance policy to see if you are covered for your car being involved in an accident whilst being driven by the member of staff working for a car valet parking company or that they have adequate cover. If not, and valet parking is something that you are likely to use then you may wish to look into transferring your cover to an insurer that does.

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