Black Box Insurance May Have Saved Motorist’s Life

We have previously discussed the benefits of black box car insurance that is also known as telematics insurance. It is becoming increasingly popular amongst younger motorists who are faced with high premiums.

If you were involved in a serious collision, having arranged black box car insurance could save your life

Telematics car insurance could help save your life if you were involved in a serious road accident

As you may be aware, a black box is attached to the dashboard of your car. It monitors such things as where you are driving, what time of day that you are driving, how you are driving i.e. at what speed, how you brake and whether you have any accidents. Your insurance premium is based on a variety of factors including those mentioned above.

A young man by the name of Max Charles could owe his life to having had a black box fitted to his car. In the early hours of one morning, he was driving home but was involved in an accident having gone off the road and hit a tree. Only his vehicle was involved. He was badly injured and unable to make contact with anyone. The particular black box that he had fitted provided a service whereby the insurance company, having been notified of the car possibly being in a collision, called the emergency services. Apparently, the emergency services were at the scene of the accident within minutes of it happening. Mr Charles survived the accident but was no doubt grateful for having had the black box technology fitted to his car as it could have saved his life.

Mr Charles no doubt bought the telematics insurance in the hope that it could lower his premiums but he obviously benefited in this additional way. Not all providers of this type of insurance offer the option to call the emergency services should you be involved in an accident like he was.

So, if you are looking for ways to get cheaper car insurance, you may wish to consider getting some quotes for telematics cover but also check if the insurer provides the sort of cover that Mr Charles had with his policy.

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