Car Insurance Premiums Rise

They say that all good things come to an end eventually! Is this what is starting to happen with car insurance premiums?

monitor your car insurance renewal premium as premiums appear to be on the rise

Car insurance premiums appear to be rising albeit modestly

Apparently, according to the AA, in the quarter ending September 2014 the average premium for fully comprehensive car insurance increased by £6 per annum to £531 per annum. A modest increase you may feel but is it the sign of things to come? There are some who think we will see premiums continue to increase slightly over the coming months.

When you look at the data for the whole car insurance market there has been a rise of 4.2% for the 3 months to September 2014 with premiums now averaging £891. Of course, we have seen bigger percentage falls in premiums in the last 12 months so many motorists are still benefitting financially – that is usually as long as they shop around.

We have no doubt said it before but will mention it again – it is important that when you receive your renewal notice that you do some shopping around to see if you can get a better deal elsewhere for the cover that you require. After all, it costs you nothing to move to another car insurance company other than giving up a little bit of your time.

In that respect, if you were to do your research through a price comparison website, it is so simple and quick to get a number of comparative quotes. If you are able to find a cheaper car insurance premium elsewhere for the same cover that you presently have then it has been time well spent. You can do the same thing the following year.

So, why not get a few quotes through the website that you are presently on and see if you can save a few pounds. Financially, it costs you nothing to find out.

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