Motorists Not Prepared For Breakdowns In The Winter

Some interesting research has been carried out by NFU Mutual that provides a variety of insurances including motor insurance to numerous drivers here in the UK relating to how well motorists prepare should their cars break down in the winter months. In excess of 1,500 drivers took part in the survey. NFU Mutual and the RAC have got together to offer some advice to motorists.

It may come as a surprise to readers to hear that 62% of people that own cars have actually broken down at some point. Apparently, 78% of people that own a car have some form of breakdown cover. Perhaps this figure is at the level it is partly due to many car insurance providers offering car breakdown cover as an optional extra. NFU Mutual offers RAC Breakdown Cover as standard within its car insurance policy.

The research revealed that drivers are more likely to have things like mints in their vehicles than carry the likes of jump leads and red warning triangles. In the winter months would it not be a good idea to carry the likes of warm blankets and wellington boots. You should also make sure that if you do carry a spare tyre that it is legal. It is concerning that 36% of motorists do not actually have a spare tyre and a mere 26% of motorists actually carry a red warning triangle.

RAC recommends before making a journey that you check the windscreen wash is topped up, the engine coolant is at the required level, the lights are all working, the tyres are legal, the oil level is as recommended and you have enough fuel in the vehicle.

NFU Mutual recommends that you bring a number of items in the car with you such as an ice scraper, de-icer, spare tyre along with a jack, first aid kit, jump leads, torch, high visibility jackets, red reflective warning triangle, charger for your mobile phone, blanket, spare clothes including a waterproof jacket along with water and food.

So, before making a journey in your car in the winter, you may wish to make sure that you are well prepared should you unfortunately break down. The prospect of being caught out in this respect in freezing weather in the middle of nowhere in your car does not bear thinking about.

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