The Professions Most Likely To Be Convicted For Using A Device Whilst Driving

Many of you will have heard of the price comparison website GoCompare and some of you may even have used its services. Well, it has analysed 12 months quotes for car insurance to discover, amongst a number of things, what professions are more likely to have been convicted for using a hand held device such as a mobile phone whilst driving.

The penalty for being caught using the likes of a hand held mobile phone whilst driving your vehicle here in the UK is a £200 fine plus 6 points on your driving license. If you passed your driving test in the last 2 years you will loose your license. In addition, you may find that it will cost you more to insure your vehicle that, we are sure you will agree, is something you could do without.

Anyway, here are the top 10 professions: –

1. Psychoanalyst 4.3%
2. Dog Breeder 2.0%
3. Pest Control 2.00%
4. Jockey 1.8%
5. Chimney Sweep 1.7%
6. Architectural Surveyor 1.7%
7. Promoter 1.7%
8. Art Restorer 1.6%
9. Courier 1.5%
10. Heating Engineer 1.5%

Do any of the above professions surprise you that they have featured in the top 10 of people being convicted for using a hand held device such as a mobile phone whilst driving their motor vehicle?

Surely, motorists could wait until they are able to drive their vehicle to a safe place such as a layby or a motorway service station and turn off the engine before using their mobile phone instead of taking the chance of answering the hand held phone whilst driving at 70mph in the outside lane of a motorway resulting in he or she loosing control causing an accident and the death or serious illness of themselves, their passengers and people in other vehicles or passers by as well as damage to vehicles and other property.

If you do have a driving conviction then why not get in touch with us and we will do all that we can to assist you in obtaining a competitively priced quotation for your car insurance.

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